April 3, 2023

EP115 How to Approach Cloud in a Cloudy Way, not As Somebody Else’s Computer?



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Topics covered:

  • You had a very fun blog where you reminded the world that many organizations still approach cloud as a rented data center, do you still see it now? Do you think this will persist for 3, 5, 10 years?
  • Other than microservices, what’re the most important differences between public cloud and a rented data center for a CISO to keep in mind?
  • Analysts say that “cloud is secure, but clients just aren’t using it securely”, what is your reaction to this? 
  • Actually, how do you define “use cloud securely”?
  • Have you met any CISOs who are active cloud fans who prefer cloud for security reasons?
  • You also work for an NDR vendor, do you think NDR in the cloud has a future? 

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