May 1, 2023

EP119 RSA 2023 - What We Saw, What We Learned, and What We're Excited About



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Topics covered:

  • We were at RSA 2023, what did we see that was notable and surprising?
  • Cloud Security showed up with three startups with big booths, and one big player with a small demo station. What have we learned here?
  • What visitors might have seen at the Google Cloud booth that we're really excited about?
  • Could you share why we chose these two AI use cases - generation of code and summarization of complex content - out of all the possibilities and the sometimes zany things we saw elsewhere on the floor?
  • Could you share a story or two that highlights how we came to this AI launch and what it looked like under the surface?

Do you have something cool to share? Some questions? Let us know:

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