July 17, 2023

EP130 Cloud is Secure: Are you Using It Securely - True or False? And What about SaaS?



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Topics covered:

  • Analysts (well, like Steve and Anton in the past?) say that “cloud is secure, but clients just aren’t using it securely”, what is your reaction to this today?
  • When clients hear “use cloud securely”, what do you think comes to their minds?
  • How would you approach planning for secure use of the cloud or using cloud securely?
  • What is your view of cloud defense in depth (DiD) or layered defenses? How do you suggest clients think about it? What about DiD for SaaS?
  • What are your thoughts on the evolution of zero trust? How has it changed since its introduction back in 2010?
  • Awareness of and interest in SSE and SASE is growing. But at the same time, plenty of folks seem deeply perplexed by these. How would you explain them to someone not deeply immersed in the details? 

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