August 28, 2023

EP136 Next 2023 Special: Building AI-powered Security Tools - How Do We Do It?



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Topics covered:

  • You have a Next presentation on AI, what is the most exciting part for you?
  • We care both about securing AI and using AI for security. How do you organize your thinking about it?
  • Executive surveys imply that trusting an AI (for business) is still an issue. How can we trust AI for security? What does it mean to “trust AI” in this context? 
  • How should defenders think about threat modeling AI systems? 
  • Back to using AI for security, what are the absolute worst security use cases for GenAI? Think “generate code and run it on prod” or something like that?
  • What does it mean to “teach AI security” like we did with Sec-PALM2? What is actually involved in this?
  • What were some surprising challenges we ran into here?

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