September 25, 2023

EP140 System Hardening at Google Scale: New Challenges, New Solutions



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Topics covered:

  • What is different about system hardening today vs 20 years ago? 
  • Also, what is special about hardening systems at Google massive scale?
  • Can I just apply CIS templates and be done with it?
  • Part of hardening has to be following up with developers after they have un-hardened things – how do we operationalize that at scale without getting too much in the way of productivity?
  • A part of hardening has got to be responding to new regulation and compliance regimes, how do you incorporate new controls and stay responsive to the changing world around us?
  • Are there cases where we have taken lessons from hardening at scale and converted those into product improvements?
  • What metrics do you track to keep your teams moving, and what metrics do your leads look at to understand how you’re doing? [Spoiler: the answer here is VERY fun!]

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