November 6, 2023

EP146 AI Security: Solving the Problems of the AI Era: A VC's Insights



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Topics covered:

  • We have a view at Google that AI for security and security for AI are largely separable disciplines. Do you feel the same way? Is this distinction a useful one for you? 
  • What are some of the security problems you're hearing from AI companies that are worth solving? 
  • AI is obviously hot, and as always security is chasing the hotness. Where are we seeing the focus of market attention for AI security?
  • Does this feel like an area that's going to have real full products or just a series of features developed by early stage companies that get acquired and rolled up into other orgs? 
  • What lessons can we draw on from previous platform shifts, e.g. cloud security, to inform how this market will evolve?

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