November 8, 2023

EP147 Special: 2024 Security Forecast Report



Cloud Threat Detection Threat Intelligence

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Topics covered:

  • Can you really forecast threats? Won’t the threat actors ultimately do whatever they want?
  • How can clients use the forecast? Or as Tim would say it, what gets better once you read it?
  • What is the threat forecast for cloud environments? “Cyber attacks targeting hybrid and multi-cloud environments will mature and become more impactful“ - what does it mean?
  • Of course AI makes an appearance as well: “LLMs and other gen AI tools will likely be developed and offered as a service to assist attackers with target compromises.” Do we really expect attacker-run LLM SaaS? What model will they use? Will it be good?
  • There are a number of significant elections scheduled for 2024, are there implications for cloud security?
  • Based on the threat information, tell me about something that is going well, what will get better in 2024?

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