November 13, 2023

EP148 Decoding SaaS Security: Demystifying Breaches, Vulnerabilities, and Vendor Responsibilities



SaaS Security

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Topics covered:

  • When people talk about “cloud security” they often forget SaaS, what should be the structured approach to using SaaS securely or securing SaaS?
  • What are the incidents telling us about the realistic threats to SaaS tools?
  • Is the Microsoft 365 breach a SaaS breach, a cloud breach or something else?
  • Do we really need CVEs for SaaS vulnerabilities?
  • What are the least understood aspects of securing SaaS?
  • What do you tell the organizations who assume that “SaaS vendor takes care of all SaaS security”?
  • Isn’t CASB the answer to all SaaS security issues? We also have SSPM now too? Do we really need more tools?

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