December 11, 2023

EP152 Trust, Security and Google's Annual Transparency Report



How Google Does Security Architecture

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Topics covered:

  • What is Google Annual Transparency Report and how did we get started doing this? 
  • Surely the challenge of a transparency report is that there are things we can’t be transparent about, how do we balance this? What are those? Is it a safe question?
  • What Access Transparency Logs are and if they are connected to the report –other than in Tim's mind and your career? 
  • Beyond building the annual transparency report, you also work on our central risk data platform. Every business has a problem managing risk–what’s special here? Do we have any Google magic here? 
  • Could you tell us about your path in Product Management here? You have been here eight years, and recently became Director. Do you have any advice for the ambitious Google PMs listening to the show? 

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