December 18, 2023

EP153 Kevin Mandia on Cloud Breaches: New Threat Actors, Old Mistakes, and Lessons for All



Cloud IR and Forensics Cloud Threat Detection

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Topics covered:

  • When you look back, what were the most surprising cloud breaches in 2023, and what can we learn from them? How were they different from the “old world” of on-prem breaches? 
  • For a long time it’s felt like incident response has been an on-prem specialization, and that adversaries are primarily focused on compromising on-prem infrastructure. Who are we seeing go after cloud environments? The same threat actors or not?
  • Could you share a bit about the mistakes and risks that you saw organizations make that made their cloud breaches possible or made them worse? Conversely, what ended up being helpful to organizations in limiting the blast radius or making response easier? 
  • Tim’s mother worked in a network disaster recovery team for a long time–their motto was “preparing for the inevitable.” What advice do you have for helping security teams and IT teams get ready for cloud breaches? Especially for recent cloud entrants?

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