January 8, 2024

EP154 Mike Schiffman: from Blueboxing to LLMs via Network Security at Google



How Google Does Cloud Network Security

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Topics covered:

  • Given your impressive and interesting history, tell us a few things about yourself?
  • What are the biggest challenges facing network security today based on your experience?
  • You came to Google to work on Network Security challenges. What are some of the surprising ones you’ve uncovered here?
  • What lessons from Google's approach to network security absolutely don’t apply to others? Which ones perhaps do?
  • If you have to explain the difference between network security in the cloud and on-premise, what comes to mind first?
  • How do we balance better encryption with better network security monitoring and detection?
  • Speaking of challenges in cryptography, we’re all getting fired up about post-quantum and network security. Could you give us the maybe 5 minute teaser version of this because we have an upcoming episode dedicated to this?
  • We hear you have some interesting insight on LLMs, something to do with blueboxing or something. What is that about?

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