January 15, 2024

EP155 Cyber, Geopolitics, AI, Cloud - All in One Book?



Artificial Intelligence Threat Intelligence

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Topics covered:

  • You wrote a book on cyber and war, how did this come about and what did you most enjoy learning from the other during the writing process?
  • Is generative AI going to be a game changer in international relations and war, or is it just another tool?
  • You also touch briefly on lethal autonomous weapons systems and ethics–that feels like the genie is right in the very neck of the bottle right now, is it too late?
  • Aside from this book, and the awesome course you offered at Brown that sparked Tim’s interest in this field, how can we democratize this space better? 
  • How does the emergence and shift to Cloud impact security in the cyber age?
  • What are your thoughts on the intersection of Cloud as a set of technologies and operating model and state security (like sovereignty)? Does Cloud make espionage harder or easier? 

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