January 22, 2024

EP156 Living Off the Land and Attacking Critical Infrastructure: Mandiant Incident Deep Dive



Cloud IR and Forensics Threat Intelligence

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Topics covered:

  • Could you give us a brief overview of what this power disruption incident was about?
  • This incident involved both Living Off the Land and attacks on operational technology (OT). Could you explain to our audience what these mean and what the attacker did here?
  • We also saw a wiper used to hide forensics, is that common these days?
  • Did the attacker risk tipping their hand about upcoming physical attacks? If we’d seen this intrusion earlier, might we have understood the attacker’s next moves?
  • How did your team establish robust attribution in this case, and how they do it in general? How sure are we, really? 
  • Could you share how this came about and maybe some of the highlights in our relationship helping defend that country?

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