October 25, 2021

EP40 2021: Phishing is Solved?



Topics covered:

  • Can we say that “Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - if done well - fixes phishing for good” or is this too much to promise?
  • What are the realistic and seen-in-the-wild bypasses for MFA as a protection?
  • How do you think these controls fare vs top tier attackers (clearly, they work vs commodity threats)?
  • What do we know about burden vs value of MFA today?
  • What can we realistically do to increase MFA/2FA adoption to the 90%s?
  • Can we share anything about what we’re seeing as industry benchmarks on MFA adoption so far? 
  • We’ve seen a lot of ugly debates over the value of SMS as MFA, what is your research-based take on this?

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