October 24, 2022

EP93 CISO Walks Into the Cloud: Frustrations, Successes, Lessons ... And Is My Data Secure?



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Topics covered:

  • We are talking about your journey as a CISO migrating to the cloud. Could you give us the overview of …
    • What triggered your organization's migration to the cloud? When did you and the security team get brought in?
    • Did you take going to the cloud as an opportunity to change things beyond the tools you were using? 
  • As you got going into the cloud, what was the hardest part for your organization?
  • If that was hardest, what was most surprising? Good surprise and bad surprise?
  • How did you design security controls for the cloud?
  • How do you validate and verify security controls in the cloud?
  • How did you keep both security practitioners and the rest of your IT teams from lift-and-shift thinking?
  • Did your data security practice change?
  • Having covered all that tactical terrain, one final strategic question: is moving to the cloud a net risk reduction? Can it be?

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