November 21, 2022

EP98 How to Cloud IR or Why Attackers Become Cloud Native Faster?



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Topics covered:

  • Let’s talk about security incident response in the cloud. Back in 2013 when I [Anton] first touched on this, the #1 challenge was getting the data to investigate as cloud providers had few logs available. What are the top 2022 cloud incident response challenges?
  • Does cloud change the definition of a security incident? Is “exposed storage bucket” an incident? Is vulnerability an incident in the cloud?
  • What should I have in my incident response plans for the cloud? Should I have a separate cloud IR plan?
  • What is our advice on running incident response jointly with a CSP like us?
  • How would 3rd party firms (like, well, Mandiant) work with a client and a CSP during an investigation?
  • We all read the Threat Horizons reports, but can you remind us of the common causes for cloud incidents we observed recently? What goals do the attackers typically pursue there?

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