June 1, 2021

Modern Data Security Approaches: Is Cloud More Secure?


Tim Dierks, Engineering Director, Data Protection @ Google Cloud


Topics covered:

  • What are the key components of data security in the public cloud today?
  • Why do companies need specific data security plans and products?
  • Do you think Google Cloud today has enough controls for processing the most sensitive data?
  • Many organizations seem to be unaware of where sensitive data exists in their cloud environments, how do you think this problem will be fixed?
  • What is your view on encryption's role in future cloud security?
  • Do organizations mostly encrypt for security or for compliance?
  • How do we help companies navigate the tradeoffs between complying with nation-state regulations and best practices for availability?
  • I hear you are involved with some interesting key management innovations like HYOK via Cloud EKM, why do these matter for clients today?

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