August 9, 2021

SOC in a Large, Complex and Evolving Organization


Johnathan Keith, Director of Information Security (CISO) @ ViacomCBS Streaming / Digital (at the time of the recording)


Based on the audio from "Fireside Chat: SOC of the Future" at Google Cloud Security Summit 2021

Topics covered:

  • What is the mission for your SOC? Has it evolved in recent years?
  • How do you rate your state of maturity in security operations?
  • I hear that your organization is complex and decentralized, how do you run a SOC in such a case?
  • How do you approach the balance of people, process and technology in your SOC?
  • What is the role of outsourcing in your SOC?
  • Is cloud included in your SOC mission scope?
  • What are the immediate things you plan to improve?


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