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Google Cloud Partner Advantage is your go-to resource for support in the cloud. We've already vetted these organizations for you, so you can choose from thousands of trusted, experienced experts covering a wide range of specializations and expertise.

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If you’re looking for in-depth solutions and services in a particular area, look for a partner with a Specialization. These organizations undergo a rigorous technical assessment, employ certified experts, demonstrate repeatable customer success, and have a business plan to invest in their area of Specialization. For the full list of designations, explore our filter.

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When you see Expertise on a partner’s card, it indicates where they have demonstrated customer success by product, workload, and/or industry based on a defined set of requirements. For the full list of expertise designations, explore our filter.

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Partner badge example

Look for the badge

When you see a Google Cloud partner badge on a partner’s website, it indicates that they are part of our trusted Google Cloud Partner Advantage program and are up to date with the latest product knowledge. In other words, they earned it.

Partner initiatives

These partners have met requirements for a specific initiative within Partner Advantage.

Partner Interconnect Initiative

These partners provide connectivity between a customer's private Compute Engine network and existing on-premises infrastructure through a service provider partner's connection to Google. Find Google Cloud connectivity partners through Cloud Pathfinder by Cloudscene. Goes to a third-party site.

Find Google Cloud connectivity partners through Cloud Pathfinder by Cloudscene.

Goes to a third-party site.

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Cloud Search Initiative

These partners enable businesses to operate more efficiently or offer new services by reselling and implementing Google Cloud Search.

Distribution Initiative

The Distribution Initiative is reserved for distributors selling exclusively to indirect resellers. This is an invite-only initiative reserved for partners interested in making a strategic GTM relationship with Google Cloud.

Managed Service Provider Initiative

MSP partners achieve extensive certification to ensure their skills and knowledge of Google Cloud products and undergo formal third-party verification of their capabilities, including the ability to manage, monitor, remediate, and optimize workloads.

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Software-as-a-Service Initiative

The SaaS Initiative is a set of benefits for companies that create innovative business solutions running on Google Cloud Platform and deliver their managed solutions via a subscription offering.

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