Data Runs Deep
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Google Cloud Platform
Analytics; Predictive Analytics; App Engine; AutoML; Containerisation and Microservices; Cloud Dataflow; Cloud Datalab; Cloud Dataproc; Cloud Functions; Cloud IAM; Cloud Identity; Cloud Pubsub; Cloud Storage; Compute Engine; Configuration Management; Consulting; Customer Relationship Management (CRM); Customer support; Extract, Transform and Load; Lift and Shift; Kubernetes Engine; Speaking Engagements; Internet of Things (IoT); User Training; Identity Access Management (IAM)
Supported Industries
Education; Financial & Insurance Services; Government; Retail & Wholesale Trade; Manufacturing; Non-profit; Telecommunication; Transportation; Technology; Holding Companies; Energy, Chemicals & Utilities; Travel; Farming, Forestry & Fishing; Property; Health & Social Care; Business Services; Media & Entertainment
Supported Languages
Australia; New Zealand
We live for numbers. Because hidden within all the data that your business generates are insights into human behaviour – insights that can add value to your business. The trick is in knowing how to find them. That’s where we come in.

We help businesses generate ROI from their data by:
  • Providing best-in-class Google Analytics 360 implementations
  • Merging business-critical datasets in BigQuery
  • Unlocking insights from the sea of data
  • Converting insights to actions (e.g. translating identified high-value audience clusters to DoubleClick remarketing audiences; real-time personalisation based on propensity to churn; etc.)
  • Democratizing data throughout the organisation via Google Data Studio
  • Freeing up valuable data scientist resources by automating (using Dataflow, Cloud Functions, Apps Script, and Data Studio) time-consuming reporting processes