Nohup srl
Google Cloud Platform
Administration and Management; App Engine; Compute Engine; Vision API; Backup and Recovery; Cloud Machine Learning Engine; Block Storage; Blob Storage; Web Application Firewall; Management Tools; Developer Tools; System Status; Scanning; Repository; Data Replication; Platform as a service (PaaS); Release Automation; Operating System; Lift and Shift; Web Hosting; Security Management; Dev Ops; File Storage; Admin; Object Storage; Business Process Automation; Identity Access Management (IAM); Application Monitoring; Business Productivity; Project Management; Calendar; Encryption; Docs; Drive; Mobility Management; Data Protection; Identity and User Protection; Data Synchronization; Digital Transformation
Supported Industries
Media & Entertainment; Travel; Telecommunication; Technology; Manufacturing; Real Estate; Retail & Wholesale Trade; Financial & Insurance Services; Business Services; Energy, Chemicals & Utilities; Holding Companies; Transportation; Mining & Construction; Health & Social Care
Supported Languages
Croatian; English; German; Italian; Slovenian; Spanish
Austria; France; Germany; Italy; Netherlands; Switzerland; United States
Nohup is a leading Consulting, Systems Integration and Application & Infrastructure Management company,  specialized in the creation and the implementation of solutions based on communication&information  technologies and digital media.