Protegrity Usa, Inc.
Sensitive Data Protection
Google Cloud Platform
Security Management; File Storage; Object Storage; Monitoring; Networking Infrastructure; Lift and Shift; Cloud Storage; Block Storage; BigQuery; Cloud Dataflow; Cloud Dataproc; Analytics; Cloud IAM; Cloud Load Balancing; Compute; Containers; Data Protection; Data Warehouse; Hadoop; Hybrid Cloud Connectivity; Stackdriver; Virtual Machine Migration; Virtual Private Cloud; Cloud SQL; Cloud Functions
Supported Industries
Telecommunication; Travel; Financial & Insurance Services; Retail & Wholesale Trade; Health & Social Care; Technology; Business Services; Transportation; Media & Entertainment; Government
Supported Languages
English; French; German; Italian; Spanish
Australia; France; Germany; Italy; Japan; Netherlands; Singapore; South Korea; United Kingdom; United States
Protegrity protects your sensitive data as it relates to GDPR, PII, PCI, HIPAA, and Corporate assets.  Protegrity's award-winning Enterprise Data Security Platform, provides fine grain control and protection following the sensitive data horizontally across platforms whether the data resides on-premise or in Google Cloud.  Security Officers can apply data protection policies centrally and across the enterprise.  Protegrity mitigates risk by ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive data elements stored in GCP, through Separation of Duty (SoD).  SoD reduces the risk of loss, misuse or unauthorized access to data elements.   Fine grain data protection de-risks  adoption and migration to Google Cloud by protecting an organization's most sensitive data assets, accelerating business analytics capabilities.  Providing elasticity, auto-scaling, and microservices are complimentary benefits to the Google Cloud Platform. Protegrity’s fine-grained protection  tokenizes (pseudonymization) and encrypts sensitive data at a field level, and similarly restricts access to ‘clear’ unprotected data at a field level.  In addition to the platform, Insight for Discovery is a tool designed to assist organizations in identifying where sensitive data resides and quantifies risk.  Insight helps organizations easily detect and protect their most valuable assets, creates easy to read reports and dashboards regarding data types, volumes and risk.  Insight helps to ensure regulatory compliance by monitoring, identifying and protecting any new sensitive data on the fly.