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Many organizations purchase G Suite to enhance employees’ productivity and improve communication and collaboration efforts. This is very much what G Suite is best of and does best. Sadly, many organisations end up only using the email part or very little of what G suite has to offer.  

At PAWA IT,  we aspire to help our customers transform how they work using G Suite. As your G Suite Partner, we don't just sell you licenses, we provide solutions to help grow your business! A few of our G Suite Partner value propositions include; 

  1. G Suite Deployment: We handle and manage the technical  aspects of deployment from domain setup, configuration of domain records such as TXT, CNAME, SPF DKIM etc, as well as user and groups provisioning, creating aliases, provisioning Team Drives and much more.   and manage the whole range of G Suite products for your organization. 
  2. Data Migration: We shall help migrate your data from legacy, Cpanel, MS Outlook PST Files and any mail clients to G Suite. This is done either onsite or offsite.
  3. Billing and Cost Management: We understand it can be a challenge to make sure your G Suite account is in Good Standing and on time. What is more, Google does not accept bank transfers from end customers and yet sometimes local regulations only allow business payments to be made via bank transfers. We manage all the billing with Google, on your behalf so you will not worry about service interruptions and the billing challenges.  We also extend credit duration to you so that even when payment is not made on time, we do disrupt your service (not so with direct from Google).
  4. Training:Your staff and employees need to make the most of G Suite, but sadly, there is not one to take them through all the awesome features and possibilities available in G Suite. Our training is very unique as we work through all the solutions available with your employees, interacting and exploring real use cases for each of the G Suite Solution for your specific your company needs.
  5. Product Updates: The G Suite products are so vast and constantly getting upgrades and facelifts from Google., This is expected from a cloud and products on the cutting edge of innovation. We make the transition to such changes painless to our clients through our detailed stepwise guides and manual publications. This are available on our Medium publication at;
  6. Support: We want you to focus on your core business and not be bogged down by other destructions like G Suite service and product support issues. We thus manage and provide dedicated on call, email, and onsite support for both you and your staff for all and any issues related to G Suite; ranging from technical and product use cases. We are there to provide all the consultation and support, so that you are able to realize nothing but the optimal use of your G Suite cloud.

You can learn more about our G Suite Value Proposition as a partner at:  

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