Cloud Computing
Google Cloud Platform
Security Management; Platform as a service (PaaS); Networking Infrastructure; Dev Ops; Content Management; App Engine; Compute Engine; Cloud Storage; Cloud SQL
Supported Industries
Non-profit; Education; Technology; Business Services; Media & Entertainment
Supported Languages
Arabic; English
Algeria; Bahrain; Egypt; Jordan; Kuwait; Lebanon; Libya; Oman; Palestine; Saudi Arabia; Tunisia; United Arab Emirates
We're proud to introduce the first RESTful Content API in the MENA Region for Frontend Developers, with Cloud CMS for Content Management by their non-technical customers. Our mission is to fill the gap between Frontend Developers and complex platforms, promoting their qualities, and help them to thrive in the world of Cloud Technology. We've been into the pit, and we've learned by many mistakes the value of Quality Attributes. Our team forms a combination of long experience in a unique and sensitive domains: Business Analysis, Software Quality Control, Software Security Assessment, Software Systems Design and Evaluation, Performance Measurements, Usability Engineering, User Experience Research and Planning. Hence, we provide NFR Analysis, where we inspect your business needs and describe the quality attributes required for your system, in a complementary functional requirements character, including, but not limited to, Security, Reliability, Performance, Scalability, Accessibility, and Usability. We pick up where others left off without reinventing the wheel, instead, we renovate. We're addicted to details. We wait, think, evaluate, and wait a little more. We quote from Steve Jobs, not John Smith. We believe that it's never too late.
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