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Admin; Administration and Management; Accounting and Finance; Backup and Recovery; Business Process Automation; Business Productivity; Calendar; Cloud Identity; Consulting; Customer Relationship Management (CRM); Data Loss Prevention; Data Protection; Data Replication; Data Synchronization; Deployment; Digital Transformation; Docs; Drive; Education Apps and Tools; Educator-to-Educator Connections; Encryption; Enterprise Resource Planning; Event Hosting; File Storage; Forms; G Suite for Education; G Suite for Education Deployment; Gmail; Google Plus; Hangouts; Human Resources; Identity Access Management (IAM); Identity and User Protection; Legal; Marketing; Mobility Management; Object Storage; Project Management; School Site Visits; School-to-School Connections; Security Keys; Security Management; Sheets; Single Sign On (SSO); Sites; Slides; Social Networking; Speaking Engagements; Technical Training; User Training; Video Conferencing; Voice and Communications; Workflow Management; Technical Implementation; Vault; Application Monitoring
Supported Industries
Business Services; Education; Media & Entertainment; Real Estate; Energy, Chemicals & Utilities; Farming, Forestry & Fishing; Financial & Insurance Services; Government; Health & Social Care; Holding Companies; Manufacturing; Mining & Construction; Non-profit; Retail & Wholesale Trade; Technology; Telecommunication; Transportation; Travel
Supported Languages
English; Spanish
United States
Lemacks Media is a Veteran Run, American Web Hosting and Web Development Company located in North Carolina. Lemacks Media is a Google Cloud Partner Company, working directly with Google on client projects to ensure excellent client satisfaction across all of our products and services!