Maven Wave
Shift to Digital
Services Partner of the Year - NA
Chrome Enterprise
Google Cloud Platform
Google Maps Platform
Data Analytics; Machine Learning; Location-Based Services; Enterprise Collaboration
Internet of Things (IoT); Deployment; Virtualization; Systems Integration; Custom Solutions; Dev Ops; Security Management; User Training; Data Warehouse; Configuration Management; Customer Support; IT Operations; Content Delivery; Backup and Recovery; App Engine; Analytics; Data Appliance; Data Visualization; Datastore; Datasets; Database; BigQuery; Cloud Dataflow; Compute Engine; Compute; Cloud Storage; Cloud SQL; Cloud Pubsub; Cloud Machine Learning Engine; Cloud Datastore; Continuous Delivery; Continuous Integration; Data Loss Prevention; Hadoop; Image Analysis; Intranet and Portals; Lift and Shift; Machine Learning APIs; Cloud Natural Language Processing API; Predictive Analytics; Speech API; Tensorflow; Tensorflow Processing Unit; Cloud Video Intelligence API; Vision API; Mobility Management; Digital Transformation; Business Process Automation; Digital Transformation; Business Productivity; Calendar; Docs; Drive; Data Protection; Gmail; Forms; Google Plus; Hangouts; Identity Access Management (IAM); Identity and User Protection; Workflow Management; Single Sign On (SSO); Sheets; Sites; Vault; Video Conferencing; Marketing; Google Maps Platform APIs; Mobile Device Management
Supported Industries
Manufacturing; Holding Companies; Energy, Chemicals & Utilities; Telecommunication; Travel; Real Estate; Financial & Insurance Services; Retail & Wholesale Trade; Health & Social Care; Technology; Business Services; Transportation; Media & Entertainment
Supported Languages
Canada; United States
Maven Wave helps leading companies make the shift to digital and shorten the fuse to innovation. Maven Wave combines the expertise and discipline of top-tier consulting and the agility you’d expect from a cutting-edge technology firm. This multidisciplinary blend of skills allows us to create unique digital advantages for our clients. Maven Wave’s digital solutions are agile, mobile, rooted in analytics and built in the cloud. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we not only deliver cloud solutions for business, but also the transformative talents to serve as a long-term partner through all stages of the journey. With our breadth of strategy-led consulting experience, Maven Wave is the go-to partner for enterprise cloud transformations.