Miadria Group helps companies to transform their business by using latest technologies in the market.
Accounting and Finance; Admin; Administration and Management; Customer Relationship Management (CRM); Voice and Communications; Video Conferencing; Vault; Drive; Calendar; Application Monitoring; Backup and Recovery; Identity and User Protection; Business Process Automation; Enterprise Resource Planning; Human Resources; File Storage; Forms
Supported Industries
Manufacturing; Retail & Wholesale Trade; Business Services; Education; Energy, Chemicals & Utilities; Media & Entertainment; Mining & Construction; Real Estate; Farming, Forestry & Fishing; Health & Social Care; Financial & Insurance Services; Holding Companies; Technology; Telecommunication; Transportation; Travel
Supported Languages
Croatian; English; Serbian
Albania; Bosnia & Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Croatia; Macedonia (FYROM); Montenegro; Serbia; Slovenia
Miadria has extensive experience in providing companies with solutions that help them thrive and outgrow competition with innovation. Recently we developed solution that enables planning on a large scale and Group consolidation for larger companies. Solution is built on top of Google sheets and it relieves companies of having to depend on old tools, like Excel (which to be frank was developed in 1985...) that are just not suited for the 21st century. This solution is a direct competitor to established solutions like CCH Tagetik. With our UseWise Finance Module you will no longer mail Excel files back and forth, only one source of truth for all your needs, available all the time and from any place. Contact us to find out more.