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Google Cloud Platform
Cloud Machine Learning Engine; Machine Learning APIs; Analytics; Chatbots; Web Application Firewall; Predictive Analytics; App Engine; Assistants; AutoML; Back Office Application; Accounting and Finance; Administration and Management; Automated Support; Backup and Recovery; Containerization and Microservices; BigQuery; Business Process Management; Blob Storage; Block Storage; Load Balancing; Classifiers; Cloud Storage; Compute; Compute Engine; Computer Vision; Configuration Management; Container Engine; Cloud Dataflow; Cloud Datalab; Cloud Dataproc; Cloud Datastore; Cloud DNS; Cloud Endpoints; Cloud Interconnect; Cloud Pubsub; Cloud Spanner; Cloud SQL; Containers; Content Delivery; Content Management; Continuous Delivery; Continuous Integration; Contract Management; Customer Relationship Management (CRM); Customer Support; Data Appliance; Data Loss Prevention; Data Pipeline; Data Protection; Data Replication; Data Synchronization; Data Visualization; Data Warehouse; Database; Database as a Service (DBaaS); Datasets; Datastore; Desktop as a service (DaaS); Dev Ops; Developer Tools; Export; Extract, Transform and Load; File Storage; Firebase; Firewall; Geographic Information Systems; Graphics Processing Unit; Hadoop; Human Resources; Hybrid Cloud Connectivity; Identity Access Management (IAM); Identity and User Protection; Image Analysis; Import; Inception; Integrated Development Environment; Internet of Things (IoT); Intranet and Portals; IT Operations; Knowledge Graph; Legal; Lift and Shift; Log Management; Management Tools; Marketing; Mobile Application Development; Mobile Device Management; Model Retraining; Monitoring; Cloud Natural Language Processing API; Network Services; Network Telemetry; Networking Infrastructure; NoSQL; Object Detection; Object Storage; Operating System; Enterprise Resource Planning; Payment Processing; Platform as a service (PaaS); Tensorflow Processing Unit; Recommendation Engines; Registry; Release Automation; Repository; Scanning; Schema; Security Management; Single Sign On (SSO); Software Defined Network; Software Defined Wide Area Network; Speech API; Speech-to-Text; Storage Appliance; Structured Data; Supply Chain Management; System Status; Wide Area Application Services; Text-to-Speech; Cloud Translation API; User Training; Video Analysis; Cloud Video Intelligence API; Vision API; Web Hosting; Windows; Workflow Management
Supported Industries
Government; Education; Financial & Insurance Services; Energy, Chemicals & Utilities; Manufacturing; Media & Entertainment; Telecommunication; Business Services; Retail & Wholesale Trade; Technology; Transportation; Real Estate; Health & Social Care
Supported Languages
Chinese; English
China; Hong Kong
Advanced I.T. Solutions and Consultancy SINCE 2000 

ClusterTech Limited is a leading provider of advanced I.T. solution and consultancy in Asia Pacific. We specialise in helping our clients solve challenging computational problems and improve operational efficiency through customised solutions based on High Performance Computing (HPC), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Analytics, Cloud, and Big Data Infrastructure. 

Founded in 2000, ClusterTech was Asia's first HPC solution provider. We have since extended domain expertise and made advances in computing technologies for financial engineering, business intelligence, environmental sciences, smart city and internet applications. 

With headquarters in Hong Kong Science Park and branch offices in China and Australia, we have served hundreds of companies and organisations worldwide, many of which are Fortune 500 companies. To date, we have 13 group members providing a wide range of consultancy services, with top-quality local support in Asia Pacific.