The Bot Forge Ltd
Chatbot developers and AI/NLP Specialists: The Bot Forge team design, build and support engaging voice and text-based conversational interfaces.
Google Cloud Platform
Assistants; AutoML; Machine Learning APIs; Cloud Natural Language Processing API; Object Detection
Supported Industries
Business Services; Health & Social Care; Technology; Media & Entertainment
Supported Languages
Australia; Canada; United Kingdom; United States

We are Artificial Intelligence specialists, we create powerful and intelligent solutions which leverage the most up to date AI technology.

We specialise in creating conversational UI. Our team is made up of natural language processing (NLP) and Natural language understanding (NLU) experts, artificial intelligence specialists, conversational architects, project managers, and interaction designers. Focused on forging engaging voice and text-based conversational interfaces powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Creating a successful chatbot can be complex and needs careful planning. Consequently, there are many chatbot projects which have failed due to poor implementation. Due particularly to the number of no-code solutions on the market. The Bot Forge Team are here to walk you through your custom ai chatbot project process, all the way from initial planning to delivery, training and ongoing support.