The Right Answer for Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Platform
BigQuery; Compute Engine; Cloud Storage; Cloud Machine Learning Engine; Machine Learning APIs; Analytics; Predictive Analytics; Kubernetes Engine; Consulting; Blob Storage; Cloud Pubsub; Cloud Dataflow; Cloud Dataproc; Cloud SQL; Cloud Datastore; Cloud Spanner
Supported Industries
Financial & Insurance Services; Media & Entertainment; Technology; Telecommunication; Health & Social Care; Retail & Wholesale Trade; Manufacturing; Education; Business Services; Transportation
Supported Languages
Canada; United States

Caserta  |  The Right Answer for Google Cloud Platform

Founded in 2001, Caserta is a white-glove data analytics consulting and implementation firm, helmed by industry expert and author Joe Caserta. Known for our bold solutions to the toughest data challenges, we specialize in transformative strategic consulting in the areas of business intelligence, data intelligence and artificial intelligence.

Renowned for our advanced technical implementation of data architecture, data engineering and data science, we pride ourselves on our meticulous client service and dedication to solving our clients’ toughest data challenges with the right answers. Each of our solutions is custom designed, built, and implemented to fit our clients’ unique needs.

Leading organizations including Tier 1 banks, top-notch television companies and world-class universities, turn to Caserta for the right answers to effect change and realize business goals.

Collaboration is central to our mission. We strive to not only act as our clients’ partners and guides, but also to give our consultants the opportunity to work with others who are just as passionate about data intelligence. We custom build our teams based on the needs of our clients and work together to create bespoke solutions.

When choosing a Google Cloud Platform partner it is important to find a firm that can tailor solutions to your exact business needs and be able to implement them. Caserta’s consultants are Google Cloud Certified and ready to provide you with the right answers.