Twin Software Solutions
Providing Data Management Platform (DMP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Enterprise base on Google Cloud
Google Cloud Platform
Analytics; App Engine; Assistants; AutoML; Cloud Natural Language Processing API; Data Appliance; Lift and Shift; Vision API; Machine Learning APIs; Extract, Transform and Load; Cloud Translation API; Speech-to-Text
Supported Industries
Real Estate; Retail & Wholesale Trade; Business Services; Financial & Insurance Services; Education; Energy, Chemicals & Utilities; Media & Entertainment; Travel
Supported Languages
English; Vietnamese
Australia; Cambodia; Indonesia; Laos; Malaysia; Myanmar (Burma); Philippines; Singapore; Thailand; Vietnam
TWIN Software Solutions (TWIN) was established in March 2012, focus on providing Software Solutions for Enterprise
TWIN provides a full range of software services including packaged products and on-demand development.
TWIN key strength is the deep understanding in enterprise operation in order to provide most adaptive solutions. 
Data will be the most valueable asset of the business. TWIN is always aiming to help businesses identify the data they need and provide solutions to manage and exploit this asset best. 
Online to offline tracking (O2O) is a solution to monitor the performance of Digital Marketing from Online to Offline, let the advertiser know which campaign, keyword, content, FB Post bring revenue at your stores
O2O could be provided as a private Data Lake for your company to collect all of your data source and provide multi-view of data analytic
CRM is the place we visible the data to Enterprise's users with full 360 degree view of customers from online behavior to offline interaction (use store wifi, call, purchase ...). Help the enterprise understand customer journey and easy get touch with customer by Google Ads