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Take advantage of the latest innovations in threat detection, machine learning, and authentication to protect your employees.


Safe Browsing

Google Safe Browsing warns your employees before they visit an unsafe site that could leave your company potentially vulnerable to malware, phishing, or social engineering attacks. If employees browse the web and click on a suspicious link, they’ll be shown a warning page. It also warns against dangerous downloads that may do harm to your employees, data, or devices. Safe Browsing currently protects over 3 billion devices worldwide.

Safe Browsing Overview Examining enterprise-wide web browser security

Security Keys

Stolen login credentials are the leading cause of data breaches. That’s why we invented Security Keys—a physical device that provides an additional level of security on top of passwords. A more secure version of two-step verification, Security Keys help prove that the legitimate account owner is logging in. There have been no reported or detected G Suite account hijackings after Security Key deployments.

What every CISO should know about Security Keys Setting Up and Using Security Keys Security Key enforcement

Advanced email security

Gmail uses the latest advancements in machine learning and detection algorithms to scan the millions of emails your employees receive daily, blocking 99.9% of spam and phishing messages. This provides a first line of defense for your enterprise and helps protect against account hijacking and other scams.

Protecting your business from phishing Ways to secure accounts against phishing
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