Safeguard your data

Your data is yours. We go to great lengths to protect the data you entrust to us and provide you with transparency that keeps you in control.



Google Cloud helps you protect your data throughout its life cycle. Whether it’s traveling over the Internet or between our data centers, we use encryption to protect your in-transit data. And we’re the only cloud that automatically encrypts your data at rest by default, with no action required by you. To offer even more control, we give you additional options to manage your encryption keys or even bring your own keys to our cloud.

Using encryption to help protect your data Managing encryption of data in the cloud

Data loss prevention

Google Cloud Data Loss Prevention API goes beyond standard DLP and gives you the power to automatically scan, classify, and remove sensitive information where it lives. Whether it’s in your data center or in the cloud, DLP API makes it easy for you to stay in control of your data throughout its life cycle.

Google Data Loss Prevention for work Security Demo: Data Loss Prevention API Try it for yourself
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